Unit 9: Talking about your family and friends

Thứ hai ngày 25 thg 01 năm 2016
Unit 9: Talking about your family and friends
Hãy cùng cô tìm hiểu về cách nói chủ đề gia đình và bạn bè các bạn nhé!

Trong các tình huống Tiếng Anh giao tiếp công việc, chủ đề gia đình và bạn bè thường xuyên xuất hiện. Topic tưởng rất dễ nhưng để dùng hiệu quả và tạo được không khí thân thiện trong buổi nói chuyện, bạn cần chuẩn bị cho mình một số cụm từ sau đây!

Talking about Family

"How are your parents doing?"

"Are your parents healthy and well?"

"Do you still live with your parents?"

"Do you live near any family members?"

"Where do your in-laws live?"

"Do you see your family frequently?"

"Do you ever have family reunions?"

Sau đây là 1 số cách trả lời mẫu:

"My parents are doing well."

"My father is getting old, but otherwise, healthy."


"My mother has been complaining about chest pains. I hope it isn't anything serious."

"Yeah. I live with my parents. It saves me some rent money."


"Just for another year until I get back on my feet."


"No. I moved out several years ago. I have my own apartment now."

"My in-laws are in Ohio."

"I grew up in Florida, so my in-laws are there. We moved to California 5 years ago."

"My family lives in the area so I usually see them once a month."

"My family lives pretty far away, so I only see them a couple times a year."

"We have a family reunion every 5 years."

"No, but I wish we could."

"We used to, but everyone is too busy these days, so we haven't had one in a while now."

Talking about Friends

Câu hỏi về bạn bè:

"How long have you guys been friends?"

"How long have you known each other?"

"Did you grow up together?"

"Did you go to school together?"

"So how did you meet?"

Các câu trả lời bạn có thể dùng:

"We've been friends since elementary school."

"I think it's been like 20 years."

"We grew up together. Our parents lived pretty close so we were basically neighbors."

"We went to the same school since the 5th grade."

"We met in middle school and started going to the same school from the 7th grade."

"We started going to the same school at the University of Washington."

"We met at church when we were young. We have been close friends since."

"We met in high school in our English class."

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