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Unit 5: Showing a visitor around your town - Dẫn bạn bè đi tham quan nơi làm việc

Unit 5: Showing a visitor around your town - Dẫn bạn bè đi tham quan nơi làm việc
Hãy cùng cô tìm hiểu mộ số cách để dẫn bạn đi tham quan nơi ở của mình các bạn nhé!

Cùng nghe đoạn 1 số đoạn hội thoại sau và điền vào chỗ trống nhé!

File 01

1. _________ is the cathedral here.

2. This kind of architecture is _________ of our region.

File 02

3. That’s the castle was _________ you about earlier.

4. It was _________ by King Heinrich the Second.

5. It was almost completely _________ by bombing in the war.

File 03

6. Part of the _________ used to be a brewery.

7. The brewery _________ in 1992 after reunification.

8. The building is _________ to look like a beer bottle.


1. this

2. typical

3. telling

4. built

5. destroyed

6. building

7. shut

8. supposed

Vậy chúng ta có một số cụm từ dùng rất tốt khi “showing visitors around – dẫn bạn bè đi tham quan”

If we go along here, we come to ...

On your left/right you can see.,.

The (place) is right in front of you/ on your left/right.

The (building) is opposite the ...

The castle/church...was built by ... in...

....is famous for ...

The ...is open to visitors from...to...

Cố gắng tránh những lỗi sau:

  • The town hall is on your right side à the town hall is on your right.
  • The museum is opposite from the cathedral à The museum is opposite the cathedral
  • The theater was designed from a Danish architect à The theater was designed by a Danish architect

Sau đây là một số cụm từ hữu ích khác:

1. Recommending places to see – Giới thiệu nơi đi tham quan

There’s a/an great/ fantastic/interesting exhibition/art gallery/museum/restaurant/café’/ shop/street

It’s really worth visiting/seeing a visit.

2. Giving directions – chỉ hướng

It’s next to/near/close to/just around the corner from the town hall/square.

It’s on the same street as your hotel/the station 

Just go along this street, then turn left/right

3. Reacting to recommendations – trả lời lại lời giới thiệu

That sounds nice/great/interesting

I’ll definitely do that

I’ll definitely go there.

I’d love to see that

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